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Railhead Vision Systems


Ultra-High-Definition Locomotive Digital Video Recorder

Completely digital, the Locomotive DVR (LDVR)4K system delivers the clearest, highest quality video and optimal network performance, but is made for the rigors of the locomotive environment. Supporting PoE megapixel and analog cameras, the LDVR4K, High Definition IP System provides the most user-friendly and technologically advanced solution for video surveillance in any locomotive application.

Optimal Quality Recording:
Provides the perfect balance of high-definition recording and long-term storage. A high definition and long-term video stream is recorded simultaneously ensuring the highest quality video is available for critical incidents while maintaining the longest onboard recording duration. Completely adjustable and customizable to your recording needs – a slider bar automatically calculates estimated storage for both High Quality and Long-Term Recording streams.

Designed specifically for use in mass rail and transit applications, the steel-constructed LDVR4K Mobile Video Recorder is Mil-Spec and SAE rated for proven durability and reliability in harsh mobile environments. The LDVR4K System is easy to use and install, provides superior ultra-high definition video quality, and delivers years of reliable operation with the lowest cost of ownership. With support for PoE megapixel and analog cameras, the LDVR4K systems support up to 12 cameras and 14 audio inputs.

Additional Information


  • Record up to 12 cameras; 14 audio inputs
  • High definition recording up to 1280×720 – adjustable for each camera
  • Recording rates up to 480 HD images per second (ips) plus an additional 480 W-CIF ips, system-wide
  • PoE megapixel and analog camera support
  • Removable storage up to 4.0TB
  • Interactive speed and mapping interface provides easy searching – built-in or external GPS receiver
  • Mil-Spec and SAE rated for shock and vibration
  • Integrated event switch with “heartbeat” health indicator
  • License-Free SmS (LDVRHD Secure Management) Software included for easy remote viewing, playback, and administration
  • Video is encrypted to ensure authenticity
  • Wireless-ready for use with any TCP/IP based network
  • Fully compatible with ViM (Vehicle Information Management) Software for fleet-wide management, an advanced chain of custody reporting, health monitoring, and more
  • Included SmS Software is backward compatible with the latest standard LDVRHD systems, providing a seamless, fleet-wide solution
  • Video encoders provide an easy and cost-effective migration to high definition – retain existing analog cameras while gaining the advantages of high definition for crucial areas at your own pace