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Railhead Systems

FWT Fleet Wide Tracking

The FWT combines back office software and on train equipment to alert a deviation from normal procedures on any data channel. Data channels are received from onboard hardware such as event recorders, fuel systems, engine controllers. These channels are recorded in real time, enabling effective conditions based maintenance platform. The system also communicates with the maintenance shops in real time allowing for efficient fault diagnostics and work scheduling.

  • Real-time cross fleet performance monitoring
  • Vehicle and fleet location tracking and timetable monitoring
  • Interactive and predictive fault detection for control room
  • View cab equipment in real-time from the control room to understand the operator experience
  • Replay fault events to accurately diagnose root causes and repair actions in the depot
  • Every Transaction is audited and can be reported on

The Back office enable real-time monitoring of all 3rd party systems that are connected. Railhead provides the ability to see in historical data as well as live streaming of ER, Video and fuel data.

Backbone of the onboard monitoring solution

Full Monitoring Capabilities/Router only

  • Rugged, powder coated metal construction
  • LSI Rack Mountable
  • High Speed Performance with all Major Networks
  • 3G/4G/5G/LTE Wireless networks
  • 802.11 (a/b/g/n/ac) WIFI
  • Installed on Class 1 (CN), Shortline (Wheeling and Lake Erie), and Passenger Assets (NJT, Metra, NICTD)
  • POE for single wire module installs
  • Provisioned to add additional POE switches for increased number of modules
  • Remote Software Updates
  • MIL-Spec, AAR and SAE rated
  • Designed and manufactured specifically for freight / passenger locomotives, and heavy duty track vehicles

Scalable – Modular – Expandable

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