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Enhance helicopter landing safety with Railhead’s upgraded Helicopter Landing Zone Kit.

The five LED lights included in the kit achieve clear visibility, precise alignment, and cautionary signaling for optimal landings from a 12,800 foot ceiling.

Upgraded LEDs deliver a 40% longer battery life in flash setting one. Flash setting two increases the brightness 30% for extreme environments.

Three integrated magnets lead to 20% lower profile and a stronger magnetic pull force than earlier versions. The durable magnets ensure that the modules stay in place, even under the most intense rotor wash conditions.

The non-vision-impairing flash of the LED modules allows pilots to accurately and precisely identify landing zones in a short amount of time.


Additional Information


  • Updated circuitry for up to 50% longer battery life
  • Fits in your pocket more comfortably than ever before with 20% lower profile
  • New integrated magnets – 2X as strong earlier generations
  • New long battery life and high viz- settings
  • Uses (2) AA batteries (not included)
  • Includes lens tool to prevent users from using a screwdriver
  • IP66 rated
  • Drop tested 6.6 ft

Other Applications:

  • Enhance your high-rise operations by using our multi-colored strobes to identify operations or by marking your water supply lines in roadways to motorists
  • Mark roadways on construction sites
  • As visual markers during emergency situations
  • Event management
  • Military operations
  • Quickly and accurately identify helicopter landing zones with this Pilot approved kit.
  • This affordable, football sized, multi-purpose kit weighs less than 7.68 lbs and has been widely accepted by emergency responders across the USA.


  • 4 amber M25-A
  • 1 red M25-R
  • 16 pc AA batteries
  • 5 weighted discs
  • 1 Nylon bag


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