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Ergo-Series Impact Tools



All of our tools have a limited one-year warranty.

Guaranteed parts availability, quick turnaround on all repairs as a result of repairs done in-house.


  • Also known as the “Poor man’s pulse tool”, K&E’s Ergo-Series vibrate up to 4 times less than other impact wrench designs. Combined with extremely low noise levels and some of the best power/weight ratios produced in the world, the Ergo-Series™ tools are an excellent choice for people tired of getting beat up by their existing tools.


  • High Quality Japanese INDUSTRIAL TOOLS
  • Built-in Oil Reservoir ensures constant air motor lubrication (3800, 4500, 5000 Series)
  • One of the best power/weight ratios produced in the world
  • Reduction of operator fatigue due to lightweight, minimum vibration, and low noise levels
  • Patented N-Clutch design prevents lubrication loss in the clutch and minimizes wear to extend tool life
  • Patented N-clutch delivers constant hitting power – does not skip
  • Increased durability achieved by excellent clutches and minimum air consumption
  • External grease screw for easy servicing on KW-4500G and KW-5000G
  • Cushioned Side Handle insulates and absorbs vibration on KW-4500G and KW-5000G
  • Built-in 4 Position Air Regulator controls torque
  • Optional #5 Spline available on request (KW-3800, 4500 and 5000 series)


  • Bolt Capacity: 2"
  • SQ Drive: 1 1/2"
  • Handle Style: Grip
  • Speed (RPM): 3,000
  • Impacts per Min.: 600
  • Max Torque (ft lbs): 3,000-3,400
  • Recommended Torque (ft lbs): 740-2,580
  • Weight: 36.5
  • Length: 16 7/8"
  • Vibration: 5.2
  • Avg. Air Consumption (CFM): 12.5
  • Recomm. Hose Size: 1/2"
  • Sound db(A): 99

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