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Railhead Corporation Video Systems Go Live in Alaska

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Burr Ridge, IL – September 25, 2023 – Railhead Corporation has recently completed several locomotive installations in the great state of Alaska. Weather can be a challenge in Alaska and the Railhead LDVR4K-12 DVR and cameras are well suited to meet the extreme temperatures and rugged environment unique to the vast Alaska territory.

Alaska Railroad has equipped initial locomotives with Railhead’s 12-channel LDVR4K DVR along with the unique forward-facing twin view camera that provides both a long view and wide view of the track in front of the locomotive. This dual-vision provides superior clarity for any incidents that may occur. An interior 360-degree camera in the cab provides additional evidence of the appropriate actions taken by the crew that can minimize liability for the railroad. Each locomotive is equipped with two exterior microphones to capture the horn and bell and records that audio right along with the video to assure that an accurate record is stored on the standard 2TB solid state storage device.

Alaska Railroad has challenges that many other railroads never face. An avalanche on the tracks can cause serious delays and even derailment. They operate both freight and passenger trains, crucial to the movement of people and goods to some very remote locations within the state. And if you ever have the chance to travel through Alaska on one of the dedicated tourist train routes, you will remember it as the trip of a lifetime. Equipping each locomotive with Railhead’s industry-leading, 4K video system is one way for the railroad to be prepared for anything to happen. Capturing the unexpected can lead to training or procedural safety improvements, litigation evidence or capturing exceptional crew performance that deserves to be acknowledged.

Even while celebrating their 100-year anniversary in 2023, Alaska Railroad continues to plan for the future.  Railhead is providing the Fleetwide Tracking device that will grab select data from other onboard systems and provide railroad management remote access to that data. This allows Alaska Railroad to analyze operational data to improve efficiencies – all part of Alaska’s efforts for continual enhancements to their railroad.

About Railhead Corporation:

Railhead Corporation, headquartered in Burr Ridge, Illinois, provides digital video solutions for the transportation industry with customized mobile and stationary video surveillance systems for freight and commuter rail trains and facilities. Railhead video and data solutions include digital video recorders, cameras, management software, GPS tracking, remote monitoring and system integration. Railhead is also the industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of locomotive LED headlights, LED safety warning lights and equipment.

About Alaska Railroad:

Alaska Railroad started operations in 1923 and has grown to include 656 miles of track through the largest state in the US. Alaska Railroad operates year-round freight and passenger lines with 682 freight revenue railcars and 45 passenger railcars along with 51 locomotives. Alaska Railroad is a key connection between people and places throughout the vast Alaska territory.

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Wednesday September 27 2023