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Railhead Systems

Diagnostic and Configuration Software

Railhead System Management provides seamless administration, remote viewing and playback of our LDVR’s. RSM software is license free for unlimited users.


  • Password Protected Video Playback software
  • Ability to search video based on Calendar, Time, Location -GPS, and Event.
  • Save Encrypted clip copies.
  • User Friendly Dashboard (Personnel user Layout options)
  • View Event Recorder Data while playing back video (RSM Player)
  • 8 years of forward and backward compatibility, eliminating the risk of obsolescence.

Utilizing our download/diagnostic cable the following features are applicable.

  • Remote Drive Viewing
  • View Live Streaming Video and Audio (Cellular or Wi-Fi connection required)
  • Remote Configuration Access
  • Remote access to system and event logs
  • Real time playback
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