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Railhead Exceeds 200 G&W Locomotives Equipped with Onboard Video Systems

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Railhead Exceeds 200 G&W Locomotives Equipped with Onboard Video Systems


Railhead Corporation, Burr Ridge, IL – October 2, 2023 – Railhead Corporation is proud to enter into a fourth phase of video system sales and installation with the Genesee & Wyoming Railroad.  Starting in 2021, Railhead and G&W worked together to come up with a standard video system that would work with any locomotive in the vast G&W fleet. The initial year of the project saw the installation and commissioning of 54 separate locomotives across 6 locations.  The process continued in 2022 with an additional 87 locomotives and in the first part of 2023, another 65 on top of that. To date, G&W is currently running over 200 individual locomotives with Railhead video systems onboard.

When something works, keep doing it. G&W and Railhead have now agreed to use the remainder of 2023 to add an additional 62 kits to the roster bringing the total to 268 equipped locomotives by the end of the year across 24 different G&W member railroads. Each video kit includes Railhead’s unique forward facing, dual-vision camera, the newest LDVR4K-12 DVR and an IK-10, IP69-rated exterior wedge camera capturing views from the back of the locomotive. In addition, each locomotive is equipped with an exterior microphone to capture and record the sound of the horn and bell along with the video. Railhead is also supplying installation services for all the G&W kits with installation crews that move through all the various G&W locations coast to coast.

Railhead has modified the G&W kits for any member railroad operating in Canada to meet the Transport Canada requirements. Railhead’s scalable video solutions allowed for an additional 360-degree camera and dome camera in the locomotive cab and a Crash-Hardened Memory device providing G&W a system that meets the new Canadian requirements. Railhead even completed an additional firmware release for the LDVR4K-12 DVR to make some of the Transport Canada administrative requirements easier for G&W to manage.

“Railhead’s partnership with Genesee & Wyoming Railroad has been extremely satisfying. The cooperative nature of this project is amazing and it’s a pleasure working with G&W. We’ve come to truly appreciate them as a customer and partner.” said Kathy Broadwell, Railhead’s Vice President of Product Development. “It takes joint cooperation to schedule crews back-to-back across the country to guarantee the installers and locomotives are in the right place at the same time.”

Railhead is hoping that the relationship with G&W continues for many years. Currently, they are jointly exploring the possibility of other data applications and delivery of onboard data to support G&W’s efficiency improvements. Railhead’s expandable and scalable video solutions allow planned growth as time and budget allows giving control to G&W on how and when their member railroads deploy equipment and capabilities.

About Railhead Corporation:

Railhead Corporation, headquartered in Burr Ridge, Illinois, provides digital video solutions for the transportation industry with customized mobile and stationary video surveillance systems for freight and commuter rail trains and facilities. Railhead video and data solutions include digital video recorders, cameras, management software, GPS tracking, remote monitoring and system integration. Railhead is also the industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of locomotive LED headlights, LED safety warning lights and equipment.

About Genesee & Wyoming Railroad:

G&W owns or leases 116 freight railroads organized in locally managed operating regions with 7,300 employees serving 3,000 customers.

Monday October 2 2023