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Railhead Systems

Solid State Drives


Railhead System’s Solid-State Drives provides the rugged crashworthiness that is required in the Rail Industry.  Solid-state drives have no moving parts unlike the old traditional rotating (mechanical) hard disk drives. Eliminating moving parts reduces the risk of failure in the event of an accident.

Additional Information


  • The solid-state drives are more tolerant to shock, vibration, and temperature than their older counterparts.
  • Railhead’s LDVRHD supports having two drives installed which can be set up to run in a RAID mirroring configuration. This allows for data redundancy between the two drives and protects against single drive failures.
  • Solid State Storage Modules
  • 2 and 4 TB Solid State available
  • Increases the rating for Shock, Vibrations, and Temperature
  • Proprietary Storage Module
  • Built-in Temperature Monitor and Heater
  • Unique connector for increased security
  • Exclusive communication interface