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Clutch and Warranty Information

Clutch and Warranty Information

Jumbo Hammer
The single dog clutch hammer mechanism provides 1 blow per revolution. With only three moving parts this impact mechanism is extremely powerful and very durable. Excellent for use in heavy-duty industrial applications.

Pin Clutch
The pin type clutch hammer has a rotating mechanism in which the round hammer pins move up and down, engaging the anvil shank and producing a powerful impact. Although the clutch assembly is smaller and lighter than others, it produces higher torque with minimum vibration.

Double Hammer
This design is similar in operation to the single hammer except it has 2 counter balanced hammers which hit twice per revolution resulting in less vibration causing less operator fatigue.

Single Hammer
The single hammer mechanism provides 1 blow per revolution. This means greater hitting power, longer life, and easy maintenance. This type of mechanism is recommended for medium to heavy-duty use.

Twin Hammer
This hammer mechanism has 2 identical hammers that deliver an instantaneous balanced blow, reducing vibration and transferring more torque to the drive end of the anvil than any other mechanism on the market. This design is the most durable of hammer designs and is excellent for use in heavy-duty industrial applications.

Dyna Jaw Clutch
The Dyna-Jaw clutch operates in a similar fashion to the pin type clutch. The difference being, the 2 round hammers of the pin type clutch make contact with the anvil at a single point, the flat hammers of the Dyna-Jaw clutch make contact with the anvil with their flat faces, therefore transferring more energy to the anvil.

Product Warranty
K&E Tools, division of Railhead Corporation, warrants its tools to the original consumer purchaser for a period of one year. Should any trouble develop, the purchaser should request an RMA number, within 10 days after discovery thereof. The RMA number needs to be referenced on the box when shipping the defective product, proof of purchase, RMA form, and a brief description of the problem to: Railhead Corporation 224 Shore Court, Burr Ridge, IL 60527.
Transportation and postage charges prepaid. If inspection shows the trouble is caused by defective workmanship or material, K&E Tools will, at its option, repair or replace defective products free of charge. This warranty does not apply where:
• Repairs or attempted repairs have been made by persons other than K&E authorized personnel
• Repairs are required due to normal wear and tear
• The tool has been abused or involved in an accident
• Misuse is evident, such as caused by overloading the tool beyond its rated capacity (i.e. above 90 p.s.i., on larger than specified bolt)
• The tool has been used after partial failure
• The tool has been used with an improper accessory (i.e. excessively worn socket)
• The tool shows lack of lubrication, contaminants and/or water in air line, or any combination thereof No other warranty, written or verbal, is authorized. K&E Tools shall not be liable for incidental, consequential or any other damages, costs or expense of repair or replacement as described above. K&E Tools reserves the right to make design changes. K&E Tools strives for continued product improvement and reserves the right to make changes in design and/or construction at any time without obligation to tools previously sold.

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